Hanger Arm Support Bar

Hanger Arm Support Bar


This comes as a kit which is easily assembled to make a 3 metre aluminium bar to support the C-Type Hanger Arms and the D-Type Hanger Arms.
Each end of the bar is attached to a marquee leg using the supplied G- clamps, so the bar spans the gap between two legs.
Included in the kit are 2 hooks and a length of chain which can be fitted to support the middle of the bar. The chain can be used in the case where the bar is carrying an excessive amount of weight.

The C-Type Hanger Arms and the D-Type Hanger Arms may be purchased separately.

The kit consists of:
• 3 X pieces of aluminium square tubing
• 2 X G-clamps
• 2 steel hooks
• 80cm length of chain.

Quantity discounts apply: $10 per unit.

This Hanger Arm Support Bar is suited to 3 metre gazebos with square legs. I can custom make the bar to fit other size gazebos.

Some “3 metre” gazebos are not actually 3 metres. The popular Kings brand gazebo is 2.9 metres for example. If you have one of these I would need to make the bar a little shorter for you. Please let me know. contact Ben 0403997413.



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Weight 3.5 kg